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Victoria sponge with fresh fruit

April 7, 2013

Sunday baking…

My mums homemade apricot and vanilla jam, sour cream, fresh strawberries and blackberries





Seasonal Fig, Ruby Chard and Mascarpone Salad

October 4, 2012

I’ve never been a massive fan of figs..something to do with the texture…but I’m more effort to change my mind!

Made this deliciously simple seasonal fig and ruby chard salad!


Here”s how:
Cut 2 ripe figs into quarters. Toss in salad bowl with ruby chard (rocket,works well too!), a drizzle of olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.
Top with pine nuts and half teaspoons of mascarpone.

Fresh, sweet and seasonal!

Strawberry Victoria Sponge Sunday

July 4, 2012

Sometimes I just need to bake. It soothes my soul.

So last Sunday I made a Victoria Sponge cake with some delicious extra thick double cream and Bonne Maman Strawberry Jam.

Came out pretty well, even if I do say so myself!

And it proved quite popular…


Almond and white chocolate cupcakes

May 21, 2012


First time I’ve made almond cupcakes, using half ground almonds, half self raising flour.


Didnt use the basil in the end haha


Used these cute mini silicon cupcakes my friend Emily got me.


And classic polka dot cupcake cases.


Decided to make a white chocolate and sirop dorgeat icing.
, which is a french almond syrup…


Came out a bit oily from the cacao butter but was tasty!!



Lemon drizzle cake

May 18, 2012

My first attempt at lemon drizzle cake!



Mama Cristin”s Gougeres!

April 11, 2012

My mum is an amazing cook! One of her famous specialties are gougères, cheesy puffballs that taste like little pieces of heaven!


They are a little fiddly to make as they require you to make a choux pastry but the result is SO worth it!!
Heres my mums recipe:



Perfect as amuses bouches, for picnics or just when you are fancying a delicious cheesy snack…!



Roasted Pheasant and Parsnips

March 18, 2012

Roasted pheasant with parsnips


1 pheasant plucked (unless you want to do it yourself!)
5 parsnips
10 chanteray carrots
1 red onion
Olive oil

Wack the oven on to 200C.
Place the pheasant in the middle of a shallow baking tray.
Wash, peel and slice the parsnips length ways. Add to tray.
Wash carrots. Add to tray.
Peel and roughly chop the red onion into quarters. Add to tray.
Generously drizzle all ingredients in olive oil. Sprinkle with thyme.
Massage the pheasant and vegetables with olive oil and thyme.
Pop in the oven for one hour, basting every 15mins.

Serve and devour!


Rabbit casserole with cider mustard and cream

February 17, 2011

Last Sunday we decided to venture to our local Waitrose as a treat – always find it hard going there as I always want to buy everything! They just seem to have such tasty treats and fresh good quality produce! As we were perusing the shelves, I spotted rabbit, next to the prepared phesants and partridges.

Now I have never eaten rabbit up till now out of principle as they are such cute little rodents and because my sister had a pet rabbit called Sandy. However, I do love game and really, having lived in a park at uni, have realised there is a lot of game to be had – especially rabbits as they are at it all the time!

So, I decide to be brave and buy wild rabbit. I found a really amazing, easy recipe on for Rabbit with Cider, Mustard and Thyme. Didn’t have any thyme but tasted just as delicious! Here’s the result.


Homemade Ham and Potato Wedges

October 17, 2009


It’s so nice having housemates who love to cook. My friend Alex, for example, makes a particularly good ham. Being a country boy from Wiltshire, I wouldn’t really expect any less. However, I was a bit skeptical about the whole ham thing as I have never really liked that type of meat. I’ve only found it tastes really fatty and processed, even the fresh stuff you get from the butcher’s.

But wow, Alex’s ham blew me away. We bought a joint of gammon and he boiled it in red wine for 2h15 (how long you cook it depends on the weight) with red onion, star anise, peppercorns, and I’m not sure what else. He then created a glaze with red currant jelly and covered the ham in it. It was then put in the oven for about 30mins and wow the result was amazing! The smells reminded me of Christmas, mulled wine and mince pies. We had already had dinner so just had a cheeky taste of it and it was so succulent! Properly meaty, a beautiful pink with a sweetness from the glaze. So tender and satisfying!

Last night we had the ham cold with Carole’s home made potato wedges and salad. What a treat that was! Homemade food really does taste so much better. As I said to Carole and Alex yesterday, meals like this one make life worth living!


Tiger Tiramisu

October 7, 2009

So my housemate/good friend Carole is turning 23 next week and she has requested I make her a birthday cake. That’s fine as I love baking and I think making someone’s birthday cake is such an honour! But I did ask her what type of cake she was fancying?

Tiramisu she cried! Then changed her mind to chocolate orange cake. Then to coffee cake and then to a meringue pavlova! Now she has decided that I have to choose but whatever cake I go for should be part of her Animal theme.

I’m thinking the Tiramisu might be nice though I’ve never made it before. I could maybe make a tiger face out of cocoa powder on the top of it?!

Here’s a recipe I found on I’ll try it out and let you know how it goes.

  • 150 grams of icing sugar,
  • Four large, fresh free-range eggs,
  • 200 grams of mascarpone,
  • 200 millilitres of freshly brewed espresso coffee left to cool,
  • 120 millilitres of a dark rum or a dessert wine such as Marsala,
  • A large packet of lady fingers (around 20-30 biscuits),
  • 100 grams of cocoa powder.


  • The first job is to mix the espresso coffee and alcohol in a bowl and then set to one side.
  • Next, separate the eggs into yolks and whites, put the latter to one side and in a mixing bowl beat together the yolks and the icing sugar until a creamy consistency has been achieved.
  • In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites with a fork until a semi-stiff consistency is achieved, then add the whites to the yolk and sugar mix.
  • To this now add the mascarpone cheese and fold in gently until all the ingredients are amalgamated.

Now it is time to assemble the tiramisu:

  • Place a layer of the lady fingers on the bottom of the dish and using a pastry brush, coat them lightly with the coffee and alcohol mixture.
  • Then with the back of a large spoon or knife, cover the biscuits with a blanket of the mascarpone mix, followed by another layer of biscuits, again brushed with the dark liquid.
  • Finish with a second layer of the mascarpone mix.
  • Then place the cocoa powder in a plastic or wire sieve and dust the top until it is completely covered in a dark crust.
  • Pop the tiramisu into the fridge for about four hours, removing half an hour before serving in order that it regains some semblance of room temperature.