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Carole’s Creepers

June 7, 2011

This post is to pay homage to my housemate Carole who is always ahead of the trend! A few months ago she bought some awesome leopard creepers:

I had not seen these shoes except on some pretty amazing looking punks in Camden Town so was quite impressed with Carole’s brave choice but once again she has baffled me by fore-trending a trend! Creepers have now (re) entered the mainstream. You can get your own pair  from Urban Outfitters (though let’s be honest, you will never be as cool as Carole or the punks…) or trawl through the vintage stalls in Camden’s Stables market!






Browsing in Borough Market

November 7, 2010

Can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since May! Just shows how time flies when you’re busy! Since then I have moved flat, gone to Mallorca on a fab holiday and making the most of the summer in London! As the days are getting shorter, I have less inclination to go out, which means more time to blog!

On Saturday afternoon, I went down to Borough market with some friends. I have always wanted to go but everytime I have been past it’s always been closed! For the record, Borough market is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and is one of the biggest ‘farmer’s markets’ in London – so yes, it does charge 5 times the price of what something would normally cost (like say olives or bananas) but is amazing for special ingredients such as French cheese!!! Look at these amazing meules of Comte!

Gorgeous! Comte has to be one of my favourite cheeses though it has quite a mature flavour (well if you are used to English cheddar of course!)… That is definitely one of the best things about a market like this – you can just go round and  taste all sorts of different types of cheese and meat and even curry! This man was giving tasters of his Thai Green Curry made with fresh fish and it was very tasty indeed!

Fresh fish is so amazing! I really want to go to Billingsgate Fish market one morning (you have to get there at 5am to get the good first batch) and buy the best there is, fresh from the sea!

The best fish display was this one though, with the most massive monkfish (Carole reckons that’s what it was?) – I hadn’t realised they had teeth!!!

Ok so there wasn’t only cheese and fish at the market! They also had ostrich meat (not that rare in France though I have never tried it)…huge ostrich eggs you could buy as well! Apparently it takes 2 hours to boil them!

I am also really attracted to markets for their visual appeal, tables of shiny looking vegetables and vibrant fruit…

Another thing is the fact markets embrace the origin of food, from unwashed potatoes to wild scavenged mushrooms, pigs heads to dead pheasants…it may not be the nicest site, but it reminds you that we are part of Nature and one big food chain!

Poor pheasants…it’s not all bad though when they get turned into gorgeous jewellery pieces after their demise by my friend Carole. Check out her website!