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Singin’ in the Rain at the Palace Theatre

January 29, 2013

‘Singing in the Rain’ is one of my favourite musicals. A simple plot peppered with great tap and feel-good singing numbers!


So when the opportunity arose to see the stage musical, I jumped at the chance! I got tickets through (£22.50 for dress circle seats!) and took my friend Emily along on a Tuesday night.

The stage production was excellent. I don’t really want to describe it too much as it has its surprises, but also sticks to the film really well. Just go and see it!!! It makes you realise you… “Gotta dance!”


Sucker Punch

January 22, 2013

What a film! Combining action, thriller and fantasy, it also has a real video game feel about it, and the girls kick ass!

A quick plot summary for those who haven’t seen it (although you should! NOW!!) – a girl is put into an asylum by her evil stepfather as she accidently killed her sister in self-defence against him. She imagines the asylum is a club, where the girls are all clients.

Each time Babydoll dances, the girls are transported into an alternate reality, where they need to complete a mission to gain an object. Hence the video game feel.

The visuals are breathtaking, with 3 different levels of reality presented.

The Asylum:

The Club:

The Game Levels:

Great characters, great costume design and visuals!

I love the fact that the girls are empowered by using their sexyness and are amazingly skilled, strong warriors!

The soundtrack is excellent combining Bjork’s ‘Army of Me’ and re-makes of ‘Sweet Dreams are made of these’, sung by Emily Browning (the lead character). The music is strong, wistful, sexy and energetic, progressing the plot as much as the action.

As the Wiseman said: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

Alice in Wonderland Mood

February 20, 2012

It all started with a silly Alice in Wonderland song from the Disney film  called “In a World of My Own” aka “Cats and Rabbits”.

Have a listen though be warned it will stay in your head for daaays!

I’m now in a totally Alice in Wonderland Mood and loving this PINK take on Alice rather than the traditional blue…

How amazing is her hair?!!!


Mad Men Monday…

November 8, 2010

So I have finally started watching Mad Men…and I am obsessed!!! Watched 5 episodes from Season 1 in a row yesterday! Obviously the costumes are amazing! But what really fascinates me is the psychology of the 50s! Really seems like an authentic take on the 50s, dominated by macho-ism, and quirky values about what a woman’s place was! I am intrigued to see where it will go so no spoilers please!


Marie Antoinette

October 12, 2009


Just watched Marie Antoinette again, directed by Sophia Coppola and starring Kirsten Dunst as the famous Queen of France. What is so amazing about this film is how it portrays the royal court as approachable and realistic- a bunch of teenagers gambling, drinking and choosing nice shoes and fans, spending France’s budget without realising. The acting is first class, the portrayal of Marie Antoinette’s life as far from perfect is moving and convincing and the clothes are to die for! Here are some of the best bits:


I also found these Christian Louboutin heels which were inspired by this fantastic French woman:


Gorgeous aren’t they!!! As for the real thing…well, these are some of the spats Marie Antoinette actually wore:


What a trend setter!!!

What the film also manages to convey is not only how decadent and two-faced the court of Versailles was but also how extravagant and trend-set. Marie Antoinette changes her hairstyle several times during the film which meant literally hours in the hair chair for Kirsten Dunst and enough hairspray to power a space shuttle probably! They also didn’t scringe on the food and flowers- fresh bouquets and Laduree macaroons every day! That’s the kind of film set I would like to work on.


This pastel candy-coloured triptych is not for everyone. Some think the American accents of the actors ruins the depiction of French history, others believe the limited dialogue and modern music take away from the authentic representation of the era. But whatever critics may say, Marie Antoinette is moving and really makes you re-consider all you thought you knew about this strong tormented woman. Let them eat cake indeed!


The September Issue

October 7, 2009

How could I forget this was coming out TOMORROW !!!! So excited! ‘The September Issue’ is a sort of fly-on-the-wall documentary following famous American Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, during the making of the September issue.

Now for all you non-fashionistas out there, the September issue of Vogue is the most important of the year because it predicts what we are all going to be wearing the year after! So it’s BIG and IMPORTANT people!

The film itself seems like quite an entertaining watch. After all The Devil Wears Prada was inspired by Anna Wintour herself: ice queen, control freak, genius…these are all labels which have been attributed to this mysterious woman. So it will be interesting to see what she is ‘really’ like.  And even if it’s rubbish, it won’t matter. Because a) it only lasts 88minutes and b) it will feature (surely) lots and lots of lovely designer clothes/bags/shoes…fashion porn! I’ll gladly pay to see that!



October 7, 2009

So I was re-watching one of my favourite French films: Hors de Prix aka Priceless in English. It stars the gorgeous Audrey Tautou and a famous French comedian, Gad El-Maleh. It’s one of the few rare good French romantic comedies. And of course it takes place on the glitzy Cote d’Azur.

The plot en bref:  Irene (Audrey Tautou) is an opportunist. She seduces rich, slightly elderly men and sponges off them a long as she can. They buy her designer clothes, shoes, bags and champagne all day long. She sleeps with them in their luxury suites and she gets to live a life of luxury. But all goes wrong on her birthday. She goes to the bar and parties with a guy she thinks is rich and sleeps with him. But turns out Jean (Gad El-Maleh) is only a barman. He of course falls head over heels for her, quits his job and stalks her (in a sweet romantic way of course!) He’s about to give up when he is actually picked up by a rich older woman! So Jean and Irene end up in the same hotel, with the same ‘occupation’. Of course they hang out together in secret and Irene shares tips and tricks of the trade…I won’t tell you how it ends but goodness what fun it would be to do that for a bit! Forget the commitments, responsabilities,…just find a wealthy old man and turn into a proper gold digger! I could get used to sipping cocktails all day :) The only downside being you completely depend on some snob’s whim which can make you go back to nothing…Think I’ll stay where I am for the mo but it’s fun to dream of decadence!