Glitter Cappucino Nails

This week has been pretty hectic…crazy amounts to do at work, tight deadlines and new exciting prospects in the pipeline to consider… It’s been hard to take time to breathe!

So I’ve been particularly looking forward to a relaxing weekend, and what better way to take some much needed me time than by doing your nails!

I decided to try a trend I’ve seen on Pinterest quite a lot lately – the nude or greige nails with shimmery tips!

I used two coats of Barry M’s Cappucino Nail Varnish…

And then added Barry M’s Limited Edition Silver Shimmer Nail Varnish on the tips…

It was surprisingly easy to do and so nice to pamper myself and chill out!!!

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One Response to “Glitter Cappucino Nails”

  1. caraphotoboutique Says:

    I LOVE it! So pretty! I did a similar thing a while back, but with multi-coloured glitter all over – xx

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