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Voodoo Doll Halloween Costume

October 22, 2012

It’s that time again…Halloween! Or All Hallows Eve as I prefer to think of it. Yes it has turned into a commercial monstrosity, a night when neighbourhoods get terrorised by trick or treaters, when carefully carved pumpkins get smashed and everyone ends up crashing from all those sweets…

But, it’s also an opportunity to get creative on the costume front and explore the dark side! Time to face some fears and highlight the grim and gruesome…death, torture, pain, suffering, decay, spirits, ghosts, the unknown and unexplained…I’m not trying to be morbid! Just saying sometimes it’s good to think about these things, recognise they are part of normal life. And what better occasion to do so than Halloween!

So, with that in mind, I tried to think of an original yet twisted Halloween costume and, after some research on Pinterest, I came across this awesome costume:


I love the fact that the girl IS the voodoo doll! Totally glamorous and totally used for another’s suffering, which means she has suffered herself beyond repair. The simplicity of the dress with the stitched cartoon heart and big needles really work! I wish I could sow as I would definitely give this a try…maybe I will try anyway!

I did some further research to try and find a readymade costume but only found this one which isn’t selling in my size for less than £25 approx. Shame as it has nude sleeves which create the right effect but would totally keep me warm on the cold October night!



I guess I could go down a more traditional Tribal Voodoo route like in this awesome shoot:

How about you guys and dolls? Any awesome Halloween costume ideas this year??


Glitter Cappucino Nails

October 15, 2012

This week has been pretty hectic…crazy amounts to do at work, tight deadlines and new exciting prospects in the pipeline to consider… It’s been hard to take time to breathe!

So I’ve been particularly looking forward to a relaxing weekend, and what better way to take some much needed me time than by doing your nails!

I decided to try a trend I’ve seen on Pinterest quite a lot lately – the nude or greige nails with shimmery tips!

I used two coats of Barry M’s Cappucino Nail Varnish…

And then added Barry M’s Limited Edition Silver Shimmer Nail Varnish on the tips…

It was surprisingly easy to do and so nice to pamper myself and chill out!!!

Caravan, Kings Cross

October 14, 2012

If you haven’t been to Caravan yet, the restaurant in the brand spanking new University of Arts London campus at Kings Cross, I urge you to go!


Firstly, because the new campus is a pretty awesome feat of architecture, integrating the old Grade II listed Granary building with new university facilities. I know because I work for BAM Construction, the people who built it!!! And a fine job they did too.


Secondly, the food. The menu is split into small plates and mains. We shared 3 small plates, which was plenty for 2 hungry ladies and utterly delicious!


The scallop ceviche was fresh and zingy, though it could have done with even more lime if it was up to me!


The duck egg with new potatoes was nice, and made better by samphire, which I had never tried.before.


But the real winner was the quail! Lip smackingly good!

Of course we had to sample desserts as well…


A naughtily sweet gingerbread treacle tart with vanilla ice cream for me…


An exciting salted shortbread and butterscotch pot for Carole… And there was a lot more I’d love to sample on the menu!!!

Thirdly, the cocktails. Served in short, small glasses, they packed a punch. I was glad! Finally a drink you can hold AND taste, without an iceberg worth of ice in it!!


We sampled a few, starting with Pisco Sours, just as good as the ones I had in Peru last year…


But a particulary mention worthy drink is the Espresso Martini, which uses freshly brewed espresso, made on site!! We talked about it for days…


Finally go for the atmosphere! Nice mixed crowd, down to earth yet eager waiters, and a warm decor which integrates well into this Grade II listed building!


Take a date or a friend for a good catch up!

Seasonal Fig, Ruby Chard and Mascarpone Salad

October 4, 2012

I’ve never been a massive fan of figs..something to do with the texture…but I’m more effort to change my mind!

Made this deliciously simple seasonal fig and ruby chard salad!


Here”s how:
Cut 2 ripe figs into quarters. Toss in salad bowl with ruby chard (rocket,works well too!), a drizzle of olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.
Top with pine nuts and half teaspoons of mascarpone.

Fresh, sweet and seasonal!

Lady Grey vs Equestrian Authoritarian

October 1, 2012

Outfit of the day combined my new dove grey, lady style coat with some kick ass lace up boots and a floaty pale peach polka dot dress.


Start the week as you mean to go.on!