Ninetyeight club, Shoreditch

Thirsty thursday led my housemate and I to the Ninetyeight club for some cocktail sampling…

This gorgeous bar is tucked away off Great Eastern Road, right in the heart of trendy Shoreditch. As it’s at basement level, it was a little hard to find but I’m so glad we did!

The bar is actually the basement if a 6 storey converted victorian building, with offices and flats above.

The decor is to die for. I would literally love to have my house like this! Calm white walls with funky toys, bright coloured sweets, candles everywhere and gorgeous Louis XIV furniture…hard to resist…

The detail is what really makes this bar special.there is enough to talk about to break the ice, but it’s also a calm setting where you can have a good natter in peace.


The cocktails were alright but not worthy of the £10 a pop price tag. Shame.
If they made their drinks more affordable, they would probably attract more people. But I guess it would then lose its boutique feel…

Good place for one after work with a good friend or to put a man to the test!



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