Easter crafts with Cristin

My mum is the queen of crafts! My sisters and I were brought up painting, making pâte à sel, sculpture, pottery, lavender baskets, making cherry jam with cherries from the garden,…every holiday, every season had its different crafts.
One of my favourites though was, and still is, Easter!


Ah Easter! The celebration of Spring (incidentally when I was born…), baby lambs and other cute animals, blossom galore, green and new leaves everywhere! Life! All celebrated by having a day off work and eating chocolate with your family! Hurrah!




My mum always decorates the house with an Easter tree, basically a few branches with new leaves on  decorated with eggs…very effective though!


We went to the forest behind our house and got a few branches of ash tree (poor thing is being smothered by pine trees!)


Then I had the honour if decorating it!


We also made some cute Easter.baskets, perfect for stashing your chocolate easter eggs in!!!



Happy Easter everyone!!!


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