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Carole’s Creepers

June 7, 2011

This post is to pay homage to my housemate Carole who is always ahead of the trend! A few months ago she bought some awesome leopard creepers:

I had not seen these shoes except on some pretty amazing looking punks in Camden Town so was quite impressed with Carole’s brave choice but once again she has baffled me by fore-trending a trend! Creepers have now (re) entered the mainstream. You can get your own pair  from Urban Outfitters (though let’s be honest, you will never be as cool as Carole or the punks…) or trawl through the vintage stalls in Camden’s Stables market!






The Andrew Sisters

June 1, 2011

I love the Andrew Sisters! All of their tunes just make me want to dance! Their 1940s swing and boogie woogie tunes always get me dancing, humming, singing and playing air instruments like the trumpet! Most of their songs were about love and boy meets girl but are surprisingly unsoppy. Instead, their lyrics ring of nostalgia and a simpler time…especially their song ‘Hold tight’ which is about FISH!!! What’s not to love?



Envelope Clutch Bags! Genius…

June 1, 2011

Was in Nottingham for the Bank Holiday for a friend’s birthday. We all dressed up as geeks which was loads of  fun! turns out glasses are pretty cool and funny! lol

Notthingham is good for two things: shopping and partying! Popped into River Island whilst there and came across this amazing envelope clutch!!! Couldn’t believe how big it was when i picked it up but then realised it was a really clever idea – perfect size for a laptop or ipad or another of those fancy gadgets they make nowadays. the fact i do not own one of the days did not deter me from envelope clutch lust!

So here are my favourites:

River island’s turquoise snake skin envelop clutch – summery statement and surprisingly soft to the touch!

Asos have of course jumped on this trend bandwagon…

Love this white clutch for the girl about town – goes with everything and makes everything look smart.



For the more classic work bag/clutch go for this gorgeous brown leather portfolio clutch – reminds me of a writer’s portfolio!




For a bit more pazzaz why not try this folklore inspired clutch from Urban Outfitters for an outrageous £350!!! Madness….but it is quite cool…



Last but not least, this gorgeous bright yellow envelope clutch can’t help but brighten up your day!