Rabbit casserole with cider mustard and cream

Last Sunday we decided to venture to our local Waitrose as a treat – always find it hard going there as I always want to buy everything! They just seem to have such tasty treats and fresh good quality produce! As we were perusing the shelves, I spotted rabbit, next to the prepared phesants and partridges.

Now I have never eaten rabbit up till now out of principle as they are such cute little rodents and because my sister had a pet rabbit called Sandy. However, I do love game and really, having lived in a park at uni, have realised there is a lot of game to be had – especially rabbits as they are at it all the time!

So, I decide to be brave and buy wild rabbit. I found a really amazing, easy recipe on uktvfood.co.uk for Rabbit with Cider, Mustard and Thyme. Didn’t have any thyme but tasted just as delicious! Here’s the result.


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