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Rabbit casserole with cider mustard and cream

February 17, 2011

Last Sunday we decided to venture to our local Waitrose as a treat – always find it hard going there as I always want to buy everything! They just seem to have such tasty treats and fresh good quality produce! As we were perusing the shelves, I spotted rabbit, next to the prepared phesants and partridges.

Now I have never eaten rabbit up till now out of principle as they are such cute little rodents and because my sister had a pet rabbit called Sandy. However, I do love game and really, having lived in a park at uni, have realised there is a lot of game to be had – especially rabbits as they are at it all the time!

So, I decide to be brave and buy wild rabbit. I found a really amazing, easy recipe on for Rabbit with Cider, Mustard and Thyme. Didn’t have any thyme but tasted just as delicious! Here’s the result.


Rob Ryan Valentine’s Mugs

February 13, 2011

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

Sugar is sweet

And so are you… These Rob Ryan mugs can only be read properly when together –

all of these words are worth less than the breath used to say them if we cannot be together’

They are still beautiful alone though…



Yellow Dress Dreams

February 13, 2011

Nearly springtime! Has made me start to think about springwear, and most specifically yellow dresses! i really really want 2011 to be yellow’s year so that i can indulge in my favourite colour dress wise!

So, in the name of research, here is my yellow dress wish list so far…

First, this gorgeous Maxmara dress! Floaty chiffon, taps into this year’s ballet trend (though that’s every year for me!) and nice neckline…perfect for a garden party!

This Urban Outfitters dress is quite prim and proper with the little buttons and frilly collar but the length makes it just that little bit sexy.

This dress from Asos is ideal to fulfill my yellow dress dreams! The 50s style neckline is v flattering and the tone of yellow is just right to show off newly sunned spring skin!

Finally, I found this dress by Valentino – absolutely stunning. Two minor issues with it though – a)i am not tall enough to pull it off and b) it is £1,353!!! However, that is the sale price – was originally £4,510! That;s a massive 70% off! Bargain really…

What are your yellow dress dreams?