The most beautiful thing…and my new tattoo!

On my way home the other day I literally bumped into this vine leaf in the shape of a heart! It had curled round the bark of a tree and out into my path! had to take a pic…

The more I thought about it, the more I realised this was the heart I had been waiting for! Been wanting a heart tattoo on my wrist for about 3 years but didn’t what kind of heart and decided to go for this one! So, here is the result!

I had it done by Boff at Divine Canvas on Caledonian Road. It was so good because he did it completely by hand, didn’t use a machine (which is way scarier and harsher on skin!)…he had a sort of quill with the needles at the end and dipped in in ink and then pricked my skin to insert it a few layers in…didn’t really hurt that much. Kind of felt like somebody plucking my hair! Was really surprised at how quick and painless it was! Has totally changed my pre-conceptions on tattoos for the better! Mine just proves you don’t need to be hard, cool or tacky! Just make sure you have the right design and the right person for the job!



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