Poison Ivy Costume for Halloween

Sooooo last year I was Pierrette and this year I was Poison Ivy, one of the sexiest villains of all time! Most people know her from the Batman movie where Uma Thurman plays her…

Though her costume is quite cool, I decide I’d like to go for something a bit closer to the comic depiction…

How hot are they! It’s all about the corset and red hair really which is what I tried to channel…all you need is a corset (i bought a cheap one from primark), an ivy bush (they grow everywhere!), some fabric glue, a red wig and some green wigs and then….ta da!

Ok so not the scariest pic as it was taken in my hall! But the overall effect was pretty good! I think Barbie gets it right…

How evil does she look!!! She could definitely kill you with one kiss! x


One Response to “Poison Ivy Costume for Halloween”

  1. lovelyliller: trening ,mat og morro. Says:

    I love p.i 🙂

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