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Maxi Dresses for May!

May 27, 2010

Monday was sooooo hot and sunny in London! Hotter than Greece apparently which is saying something! Went to work wearing a butter yellow skirt, flower vest top and lil white embroidered bolero and bare legs! hurrah!!!

I noticed though on my way to work that the trend on Monday was definitely maxi/long skirts…so in the spirit of HOT HOT May Fashion here are some of the best high street buys: has done quite well with these: the dress reminds me of driving back from the beach. The skirt is a lot more versatile and very London if matched with a leather jacket maybe..?!

I reeeallly want a maxi dress but as I am 5’1, I am a bit scared of getting one which is too long and looking stupid.  There are a few cool ones out there for the smaller lady but a bit out of my price range. Ah well, one can dream! Check these out:

I absolutely LOVE this dress from ASOS but it is £60…pansies are like my favourite flowers though (well after tiger lillies) so maybe I should ‘invest’…

This one is also very cool but don’t think I could pull it off unless I was going to some glamorous soirée or awards ceremony! and you’d have to have the right sized heel to make it hang just right…tricky!

This one wouldn’t fit me but love the ruffles!!! So princess-like! Should be for that price…£299 from Karen Millen

That’s all for now! xoxo