Big Kid London Easter Hunt

On Saturday the boyfriend and I took part in the Big Kid London Easter Hunt and we had an eggcellent time (sorry had to be done)!!!

Organised by The Go Game and the Bearded Kitten, this hunt was a great way to spend an afternoon with lots and lots of random people up for a laugh! Only £3 each and all proceeds went to the charity Mind.

Here is a picture of our team. You can spot my boyfriend and i easily as we are wearing bunny ears 🙂

One of the missions was to catch the Easter bunny. Ed managed to catch her and then proceeded to complete the next mission ‘Bite objects which shouldn’t be bitten’.

We also bit Jesus..

and showed him a few of our party tricks!

One of the coolest missions was someone from our team had to do something they’d always dreamt of doing and never dared. So we persuaded the buskers under Blackfriars bridge to lend us their instruments and our team members briefly busked!

Next mission…make a moustache out of anything!

Ed’s attempt:

My attempt:

A very very enjoyable afternooon, running around like a crazy kid high on sugar and hell bent on winning! We came 7th in the end but not bad considering there were 27 teams! Happy Easter!!!

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