6 Spring Things

Here are 6 Spring Things which are pretty and useful!

1. New sheets (Habitat): Love the combination of daffodil yellow and white! Always make me smile when I go to bed.

2. A watering can (Habitat) : need one of these to water the spring onions, baby carrots, sweet pea and pansies growing on my window ledge.

3. A cupcake tray(Paperchase): in the mood for baking again and this tea tray would be perfect for carrying the tea and cakes outside.

4.Mr Kaliski Clock (Hidden Art Shop): The clocks go forward in Spring but that just means the sun stays out later and so do we!

5.Blossom growing on my walls (Rockettstgeorge.co.uk): Can’t wait to have my own place to be able to put up wall stickers like this one!

6.White sunglasses (Oasis): ready for the sunshine!

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One Response to “6 Spring Things”

  1. lotsofchocolatebiscuits Says:

    Yo ho! I love your Spring pics, that clock is amazing and would look great with the wall stencil. I live in a total fantasy land when it comes to interior décor – I’m far too messy for the funky, serene boudoir I always think I could have. (Ahem, see http://bit.ly/avs3sH).

    Cara xxx

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