Bobs through the ages

So I’m having my haircut tomorrow. It’s in that awkward stage when you’ve had it cut short and then it grows out, loses its shape and then you don’t know if you should have it cut short again or attempt at growing it out. I’ve decided to have it  ‘shaped’ rather than cut so that it can grow out nicely. And then I was thinking of getting a bob done.

After some quick googling I found out that bobs originated in the 1920s. Having their hair ‘bobbed’ ie cut short was one of the many ways that women were trying to put themselves on the same level as men. Some wore men’s clothes, others smoked, others drank…and so the flapper was born! And the modern woman in a way.

Anyway, here is a look at some of the best bobs out there, from the 1920s to 2010.

The famous film star Louise Brooks with a sharp bob. [Image: The Independent]

Katie Holmes had a very similar bob.

Rihanna updated hers by adding a sweeping fringe and a few well placed layers.

Bobs can also be curled though. Check out these sultry locks:

In the 1920s, locks were ‘shingled’ close to the head to have a tight wave effect.

Now just for fun here are a few funky bob styles! Don’t think I’ll be going for any of these as they look like quite high-maintenance do’s but they are pretty cool!

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