Cookie Girl Cupcake Decorating Class

I was lucky enough to attend a Cupcake Decorating Class last night at Westbourne Studios, West London, with the lovely Cookie Girl, aka Xanthe Milton. She has a book coming out in March which I highly recommend, having seen a sneak preview, entitled “Eat me!” Alice in Wonderland eat your heart out.


There were about 9 of us attending and we each got a cute pinafore, piping bag and nozzle. Luckily for us all the hard work had been done by Cookie Girl beforehand: the cupcakes had been baked, the icing prepared in many beautiful shades and the hundreds of sprinkles were all at our disposal! She demonstrated 5 different ways of piping and we tried them all out. Then we free-styled on 3 more, ending up with 8 cupcakes each which we got to take home in little white boxes! Very cute cupcakes that taste amazing! My friends were so impressed with my decorating skills.



All the glitter you can see is edible! How cool is that! And here is the first one I did. A bit wonky but I love it because it looks like a hat 🙂


Here is a close up of the Rose cupcake, where you start by piping on the inside of the cupcake and working your way out:


All in all a great way to spend 2 hours!

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One Response to “Cookie Girl Cupcake Decorating Class”

  1. Conversation Pieces Says:

    These are so cute! Would so love to do a cupcake decorating class – think I would just end up eating lots of icing though 😉

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