Marie Antoinette


Just watched Marie Antoinette again, directed by Sophia Coppola and starring Kirsten Dunst as the famous Queen of France. What is so amazing about this film is how it portrays the royal court as approachable and realistic- a bunch of teenagers gambling, drinking and choosing nice shoes and fans, spending France’s budget without realising. The acting is first class, the portrayal of Marie Antoinette’s life as far from perfect is moving and convincing and the clothes are to die for! Here are some of the best bits:


I also found these Christian Louboutin heels which were inspired by this fantastic French woman:


Gorgeous aren’t they!!! As for the real thing…well, these are some of the spats Marie Antoinette actually wore:


What a trend setter!!!

What the film also manages to convey is not only how decadent and two-faced the court of Versailles was but also how extravagant and trend-set. Marie Antoinette changes her hairstyle several times during the film which meant literally hours in the hair chair for Kirsten Dunst and enough hairspray to power a space shuttle probably! They also didn’t scringe on the food and flowers- fresh bouquets and Laduree macaroons every day! That’s the kind of film set I would like to work on.


This pastel candy-coloured triptych is not for everyone. Some think the American accents of the actors ruins the depiction of French history, others believe the limited dialogue and modern music take away from the authentic representation of the era. But whatever critics may say, Marie Antoinette is moving and really makes you re-consider all you thought you knew about this strong tormented woman. Let them eat cake indeed!

4 Responses to “Marie Antoinette”

  1. Natasha Says:

    Hey, I’ve only just found your blog and I just had to say. I adore this movie and I loved your post 🙂 xxx

  2. Galvero Says:


  3. soso Says:

    300 years ago and marie-antoinette was leaving in her wonderful palece and were this very beatful clothes waaaaaaaaw

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