What do you eat when you’re alone?

An interesting article in The Guardian caught my eye this morning:


A recent book has come out, looking at what people eat when they’re alone. I don’t mean as in lonely but rather when no one else is around, what do they indulge in?

There were some weird relevations like bread soaked in margarita mix (why?) and sardine juice over cottage cheese (ew!). But it’s true that some foods and dishes you just make when you’re alone, for your own pleasure. No one else can understand or they might criticize your guilty pleasure and that just won’t do!

When I’m only making food for myself I do tend to go for quick and easy and it often tends to be fresh pasta. My boyfriend dislikes pasta so I can’t indulge in it as often as I’d like. But jsut some fresh pasta, olive oil drizzled over the top, basil torn up and plum juicy tomatoes…yum!

Another naughty indulgence is crisps. I could eat crisps every day. I love them. I love their crunchy texture, which varies greatly according to the brand (Kettle chips are so hard! Why?) and their subtle flavours. My favourite has to be plain with salt though as that’s when you can taste the potatoes best. I’m not going to reveal to you what my disgusting habit is involving crisps (don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you think!) but let’s just say, I have found a way to enhance their flavour.

I think I also love crisps because they remind me so much of my Mum. I can’t tell you the number of times we have happily sat munching through a big packet of Lays. Be it in front of the TV or at the table. My mum has brought me up to believe that crisps are a perfectly acceptable part of one’s meal and I think she is right. By sharing the crisps and consuming them at meals, I’m much less tempted to eat them as snacks during the day. And just in case you’re wondering, I’m not fat at all and neither is she. So try our crisp diet! Haha as if I believe in diets…! What a notion. I’m going to eat some crisps now. Tata!

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