Roasted duck in red wine sauce with homemade onion rings

I bought 4 duck legs the other day and my housemate Carole was intrigued. She had never cooked duck before and turns out she is a natural! Got back from work the other night and special aromatic smells where coming from the kitchen. She had decided to slow-roast the duck legs with rosemary and some other amazing herbs, basically recreating all-spice except without the star anise because she knows I don’t like it (how nice is she!) She had also placed some new potatoes in the tray so they were roasting in the duck’s fat. And let me tell you, duck or goose fat is the best for roasting potatoes! Not only that but she made a succulent red wine sauce- place half a bottle of red wine in a saucepan, some herbs and simmer for 10-15mins until it thickens. then pour the red wine jus all over the duck and potatoes and roast uncovered for another 10-15mins until teh duck skin is crispy.

I decided to make onion rings by hand to go with this michelin standard dish, having been inspired by the blog A bit tricky at first, what with all the different bowls involving the batter! But it all came together in the end. The flavours of the duck and potatoes, contrasted with the sweet, crispy onion rings…let’s just say that was a magical dinner!

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