So I was re-watching one of my favourite French films: Hors de Prix aka Priceless in English. It stars the gorgeous Audrey Tautou and a famous French comedian, Gad El-Maleh. It’s one of the few rare good French romantic comedies. And of course it takes place on the glitzy Cote d’Azur.

The plot en bref:  Irene (Audrey Tautou) is an opportunist. She seduces rich, slightly elderly men and sponges off them a long as she can. They buy her designer clothes, shoes, bags and champagne all day long. She sleeps with them in their luxury suites and she gets to live a life of luxury. But all goes wrong on her birthday. She goes to the bar and parties with a guy she thinks is rich and sleeps with him. But turns out Jean (Gad El-Maleh) is only a barman. He of course falls head over heels for her, quits his job and stalks her (in a sweet romantic way of course!) He’s about to give up when he is actually picked up by a rich older woman! So Jean and Irene end up in the same hotel, with the same ‘occupation’. Of course they hang out together in secret and Irene shares tips and tricks of the trade…I won’t tell you how it ends but goodness what fun it would be to do that for a bit! Forget the commitments, responsabilities,…just find a wealthy old man and turn into a proper gold digger! I could get used to sipping cocktails all day :) The only downside being you completely depend on some snob’s whim which can make you go back to nothing…Think I’ll stay where I am for the mo but it’s fun to dream of decadence!

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