Moving House:Packing

Packing your life up into boxes is not the nicest process. Mostly because it involves sorting out (see previous post) but also because you will have to find new homes for everything all over again! Not only that but strange men are usually involved in this moving process and sometimes things disappear mysteriously and they know nothing about it. Funny that. So that’s why having a well-organised system is crucial.

Packing tips:

-Pack heavy things in small boxes (books, tin cans, alcohol…)

-Pack light things in big boxes (clothes, clothes and more clothes!!!)

-Try and pack things logically (so all the dresses together and then coats in another box)

-Now this is the important tip so pay attention! Number the box, write what’s inside it on the outside and also write these things on a sheet of paper. Ie Box 14- Jack’s hoodies.

I admit it sounds a bit anal but (haha) you will thank me in the long run! Not only will it make unpacking a lot easier because you will know what is in which box, but also if a box is missing, the sneaky removal men won’t get away with it! NB. Not all removal men are sneaky, some are very nice but just in case…

P.S. The boxes in the picture are not really the type you should pack with but I just thought they were very pretty! Who doesn’t appreciate a good hat box!

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