Guanabana, Kentish Town Rd.

Last night I decided to try out a new restaurant instead of the usual high street chains for dinner. A quick look on Time Out revealed quite a few cool eateries round Camden. I settled on Guanabana and dragged my boyfriend along.

Guanabana is a charming little Latin Carribean restaurant situated on Kentish Town rd., just after Camden Stables market. Slightly off the beaten tourist track, it’s easy to miss but so worth the detour. As you walk in, it seems to be quite small and sweet. But then walk through to the back and there is a whole other room and a decked beer garden with fairylights and  greenery. It felt a bit like stumbling into a secret garden.

We sat inside at the back, looking out onto the garden. The decor is homely: whitewashed brick walls with pale wood, wooden tables and chairs, all different sizes! Cute photographs and wooden trinkets adorn the walls. The lighting is subdued, partly because a lot of the bulbs have blown, partly because there are candles on every table. Some might say they have gone for the very-in shabby chic style. Others would just say they haven’t bothered to change the bulbs. Somehow, it works.

The food itself was not bad at all. My boyfriend ordered the ‘Famous Camden half a baby jerk chicken’ which was pretty big and succulent- the meat just fell off the bone. I ordered the ‘Fragrant Chickpea and Green Mango Coconut Stew’. It sounded amazing and when it arrived on the table, it was huge! Half the plate was covered in rice with kidney beans (rice and peas!), the other in chickpeas with green mango. It was tasty though I would have called it a risotto rather than a stew, and the rice tasted like reheated takeaway rice. But apart from that, very tasty. Next time though I would definitely try a more traditional Carribean dish like Curry Goat or Ackee and Saltfish Festival.

The main appeal of Guanabana is not necessarily the food, but the whole aura of the place. It really looks like a perfect venue for a great party. There is a shisha bar set up in the garden and they also have a ‘bring your own wine’ policy. The corking charge is £2 per bottle of wine and £0.50 per bottle/can of beer. For parties of ten or more it is £2 per head and you can bring as much wine or beer as you like!

When we went, there was only another couple having dinner so it was very quiet and the staff were a bit over-attentive (which isn’t really a bad thing!). But there is definite potential in this cute Carribean restaurant. Take some friends and check it out before it becomes a hot spot full of Camden teenagers and tourists!


One Response to “Guanabana, Kentish Town Rd.”

  1. Emilie Wilson Says:

    nice Charlotte! I’ll definitely go there :)! btw are you in London? we should see each other :)!!!
    kisses xxxx
    (Emilie from Luynes 😉 )

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